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About Existential Practice and CEP

As a philosophical practice, existentialism facilitates people to enquire into and discern personal meaning within the limitations and paradoxes of human existence. By exploring personal world views, emotions, anxieties, values and beliefs we gain valuable insight into the choices we make. As a philosophy-in-action, existentialism acknowledges and works with the complexities of the human inter-relationship. Ideas and approaches can be integrated into all theoretical models.

The existential-phenomenological approach is about how we each uniquely interpret and make meaning of self, others and the world. There is no definitive method or particular set of skills. Each practitioner develops their own distinctive perspective and continues to learn, be challenged - and rewarded - along the way. The focus is always on the client's experience of their world rather than a reliance on external theories, tools or specific techniques, with the relationship between practitioner and client paramount

Centre for Existential Practice was founded in 2008 by Dr Alison Strasser to create a uniquely Australian arm of Existentialism and to provide a space for practitioners who are interested in shared, experiential learning

Our Vision

An Australian community of personal change practitioners who embrace the uniqueness with which we each interpret the world

Our Mission

To provide the means for practitioners, supervisors and group leaders across all modalities to deepen and enrich their practice throughout the whole of their working life

Who We Are

CEP is comprised of two Directors and a team of consultants with extensive experience in and passion for their field of expertise. Each plays a valuable role in achieving our Mission and in ensuring our annual professional development and training programs grow progressively richer



Alison Strasser DProf (Psychotherapy & Counselling), MA, BA Hons
Alison Strasser Alison is a practising psychotherapist, coach, supervisor and educator. She has been instrumental
in creating the existential curriculum for a variety of counselling and psychotherapy trainings in Australia.
Alison founded Centre for Existential Practice in 2008. The focus of Alison's doctorate was the
unravelling of the process of supervision, work that led to the development of a framework for
supervisor training, now a major component of CEP's annual program. Alison co-authored
Time-Limited Existential Therapy
with her father, Freddie Strasser and she is currently working
on a revised edition. Alison's aim is to establish an internationally recognised
Australian existential community



Adam McLean M Counselling,, Grad Dip Psych/Couns, BCHC, BN

AdamAdam is a clinical psychotherapist, supervisor, educator and trainer with over
30 years experience. He is recognised as a leading group therapist and
group supervisor, providing expert training in group work, leadership
and supervision. Adam’s interest in existential philosophy has provided a
platform for him to develop group leadership training programs integrating
existential philosophy. He has a thriving private practice, was a consultant
to CEP for 4 years, became a Director of the organisation in 2012 and,
with Alison, is now shaping its overall direction.




Lyn Gamwell HND Business and Communications (London),Grad Dip, Counselling, (Sydney),
Director of Road Back Foundation (U.S.)

Lyn GamwellLyn is a clinical counsellor and psychotherapist and a communications and branding consultant.
A corporate career in marketing was followed by a decade running her own branding and

communications company, consulting to government, private industry and non-profits.

After further studies, Lyn set up a private practice in existential-humanistic counselling and

psychotherapy and now combines the two fields. She joined CEP in late 2012 as its
communications and brand development consultant


Sal Flynn BCHC, Adv.Dip YT, Cert YT, Dip Clinical Hyp.

Sal FlynnSal’s clinical practice blends the disciplines of psychotherapy, education, contemplative
and mind/body awareness practices. Underpinning her work is nearly 30 years of practice
and study in the mindfulness traditions and Sal trains and mentors meditators & yoga teachers.
She is a group therapist, a faculty member of the Jansen Newman Institute and
has a private psychotherapy practice in Sydney. Sal's contributions to CEP's annual program
are in mind/body awareness events that complement existential practice


Soraiya Gilmour MA(Hons) Grad Dip (Couns)

Soraiya GilmourSoraiya has a passion for the integration of existential philosophy into mindfulness-based

counselling and psychotherapy. She has a private practice in Sydney and specialises in
the area of trauma and sexual assault. Soraiya has had extensive experience in workplace training,

in individual and team development and in career counselling. She currently contributes to CEP's

annual program as facilitator of a Learning and Reflective Practice Group in Sydney, which

provides a space in which practitioners can collectively acquire skills in and practice the

integration of existential theory into professional practice


Claire Jankelson PhD

Claire Jankelson Claire is currently teaching and offering hermeneutic circle group supervision with a phenomenological
orientation for PhD candidates at Macquarie Graduate School of Business. She has a particular interest
in weaving a good balance between professional practice and ongoing learning. With a primary degree
in Psychology, Claire's 'being in the world' is informed by thoughtfulness and finding understanding.
Immediate past president of non-profit organisation Spirituality, Leadership and Management (SLaM)
and Editor of the Journal JSLaM, Claire's passion is education that motivates, promotes understanding
and brings results


Greg Roberts PhD, BSW (Hons), MAASW

Greg RobertsGreg is a Doctor of Philosophy (Grief and Bereavement) and an accredited Social Worker with specialisation in the field of grief, bereavement and trauma. He founded a suicide bereavement support group in 2004 and

co-founded the Suicide Prevention Awareness Network (SPAN) in Victoria in 2008. He is Clinical Operations Manager for SIDS and Kids and the Founder and Director of the Grief & Trauma Support service in Geelong, Victoria. Greg has been an adult educator for more then 25 years and is now the Trainer for CEP’s new Grief, Loss and Bereavement 2 year training, the only existentially-informed grief and loss training pathway in Australia


Steven Segal PhD (Wits), MA (Wits), BA (Wits), BA Honours (RAU), BA Honours (Wits),

Steven SegalSteven is a psychologist with a PhD in Philosophy and he is internationally renowned as a pioneer
in the development of philosophical counselling and practice. Steven is the author of
Business Feel: From the Science of Management to the Philosophy of Leadership
explores a requisite shift in outlook from management to leadership. He is a Senior Lecturer at
Macquarie University's Graduate School of Management where he lectures in a range of subjects
including philosophy, psychology, coaching and managing with a global mindset.
His contributions to CEP's annual program focus on philosophy and leadership


Sue Wildman (M.A. Art Th, Grad Dip Counselling, Ass Dip Welfare, Dip Theatre Studies)

Sue's primary area of therapeutic work is in the area of complex trauma to which she offers a
unique approach that blends art with theatre. Sue has written and facilitated several programs

for aboriginal women, including those from the Stolen Generation. She also runs community

theatre workshops and forums for at-risk young people and for those dealing with the anguish
of being bullied. Sue's contributions to CEP's annual program are events which show how art

and theatre can contribute to ways of working with traumatised clients