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Welcome to Centre for Existential Practice, a unique Australian arm of existentialism and lifelong learning. Each year, CEP offers you a broad range of Training and Professional Development opportunities. Our events are grounded in existential and phenomenological philosophy and encompass themes that can be incorporated into any mode of practice. We offer you a highly experiential learning environment and the intimacy that comes from strictly limited numbers. We welcome psychotherapists, counsellors, coaches, psychologists, social workers, supervisors and group leaders across all modalities.



the case for pluralistic practice in counselling & psychotherapy

prof. mick cooper

wed 7 & thurs 8 sept 2016

Prof. Mick Cooper

Mick Cooper returns to Sydney after 3 years to introduce and explore the pluralistic approach to counselling and psychotherapy, a different kind of integrative framework that he co-developed.

This important workshop is not to be missed. It could evolutionise - if not revolutionise - the way you work.


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We Have New Sydney Premises
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144 Cathedral Street Woolloomooloo


Groups: 92 sq m of light-filled peaceful space for workshops, training, yoga classes or similar

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Man is ready and willing to shoulder any suffering as soon and as long as he can see a meaning in it

– Frankl

Most people are subjective toward themselves and objective toward all others, frightfully objective sometimes - but the task is precisely to be objective toward oneself and subjective toward all others

– Kierkegaard

When we are dealing with human beings, no truth has reality by itself;
it is always dependent upon the reality of the immediate relationship

– May


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All Modalities

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2 year pathway to certification as a Group Leader

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2 year pathway to certification in Existential Practice

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18 month pathway to certification as a Group Supervisor

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2 year pathway to certification in Grief, Loss & Bereavement
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Group Supervisor Training - Foundation Course

Designed for qualified supervisors seeking to transition their skills and experience in individual supervision to those required for supervising in a group format


Thur 25 to Sat 27 Aug 2016

Becoming a Better Practitioner

How to attune to the way we both shape and are shaped by our practices and not fall into a 'tick the box' mode of practising when dealing with uncertainty


Sat 22 Oct 2016


UPCOMING Melbourne

Wheel of Supervision Part 1

Understanding and development of the inter-relational aspects and the tasks and responsibilities of the supervisor role




Mon 10 to Fri 14

Oct 2016

Education & Self-Reflection in Supervision

Getting the balance right

Exploration of the pitfalls when one version of the supervisory process dominates and strategies for navigating between the two

Thur 3 Nov 2016

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